Software Developer

I’m a software engineer and I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University where I majored in Intelligent Information Systems at the Language Technologies Institute. I was advised by Professor Alan Black.

I’m from New Delhi and I’ve¬†previously worked for three years in industry, primarily as a backend engineer for web apps. I love writing code and learning new stuff. In my previous jobs, I’ve acquired experience working on several languages and platforms including Java, PHP, Python and JavaScript¬†among others. In the summer of 2016, I interned at Amazon where I set up a service for performing automated image moderation for the Community Shopping team. I have worked extensively with SQL databases in the past, including working on a data warehousing solution during my stint at Steria.

My graduate studies at CMU have been focussed on machine learning, statistics and natural language processing – I’m always looking to explore opportunities in these fields!